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We have great teams looking for the best of the best…Parents that is!!! Each year we select Team Reps to help make the team experience extra special for the athletes!

The Team Rep position is a volunteer position to help with team bonding events, keeping the parents and athletes updated on events and competitions and adding support for the coaches and athletes throughout the season.

Please note that if selected as a Team Rep, you will need to supply a criminal record check with the vulnerable sector.

If you feel you are the person for the job for your child’s team, we welcome you to fill out the following application.

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Team Rep Reimbursement Details and Form

Thank you for all of your efforts in helping to make this season a memorable one for all the teams at Premier Academy!

Below is the form to submit for reimbursement of expenses associated with planning events throughout the season.

Some guidelines to keep in mind when you are planning events: 

  • All teams have a budget to work within for the season based on the number of athletes on the team.  Please reference the spreadsheet link provided to you.
  • Things that will qualify for reimbursement:
    • Expenses associated with activities the team participates in together. i.e. bowling, paint class, etc.
    • Activities can also take place at the gym if approved in advance and any expenses associated with that for material for activities can be expensed.
  • Things that do not qualify as a team bonding expense and will not qualify as reimbursement:
    • Team gear. i.e. shirts, sweaters, sports bras, etc for the team.  The intention of this is for it to be related to expenses associated with an activity that the team can participate in together. (exception: doing a team tie dye night can have shirts expensed as it is an activity)
  • All expenses must be submitted for reimbursement with a receipt. If you do not provide a receipt, we can not provide reimbursement.
  • Reimbursements will be sent via e-transfer to the email provided in the form below.
  • We strive to send all reimbursements within 48 business hours of submission of this form.

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NOTE: Reimbursements will only be provided when receipts are provided.
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Gym Booking Request Form

Occasionally throughout the year, you may want to secure the gym for one of your team events.

We try to accommodate these whenever possible, however, we have to work them around what is scheduled in the gym already.

A few things to keep in mind: 

  • At least one team coach must be present for the event in order to ensure we are covered by our insurance. Please communicate with your team coach on their availability prior to.
  • The maximum allotted time will be 2 hours.
  • The Party Room has much more availability than the gym does.
  • Clean-up of the space will be required following the event.
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