Premier Academy is bringing After School Care to YOU for the 2017-2018 school year!

We know how challenging it can be to coordinate everything for your kids when you are working full time.  Let us help relieve some of that stress.

We will pick up your kids from school (minimum number of students per school required), bring them to the gym for help with homework and get them active!  Every day will include activity in the gym (tumbling, ninja, games, etc.).  Then, when you’re done work, you pick them up and spend quality time with them.

Our philosophy is to develop each individual’s core character using sports & recreation as a tool to capture experiences that lead to learning. We believe in working with each individual, giving respect to their goals and the physical and mental tools they have.

We strive to encourage the best in each individual. Safety, fun, and skill building go together! We want all children to get the most out of what we offer.

Kids never have “too much energy” at Premier because we keep them busy and having fun! 

Let’s face it, after a full day of sitting at school, kids CRAVE physical activity!

They deserve personal attention and caring staff that ENGAGE them in play and learning!

4 Reasons to LOVE After School Kids Club at PA

  1. Homework Assistance

    • After a long day at work, being able to spend quality time with your kids is priceless.  Let us help with homework so you can take back your evening family time!
  2. Active Play

    • Kids sit at desks for a good portion of the day at school; they NEED physical activity to fuel their brains and their bodies.  Our facility is designed for fun and movement!
  3. Enrichment Activities

    • Kids love to learn and explore!  Puzzles, crafts, experiments and challenges are just some of the ways your child will have to learn and grow at PA Kids Club!
  4. We Pick Them Up

    • We are making it easy for you!  We will pick your kids up from school (minimum number of students required).

Interested in more information??

Fill out the form below and we will get in touch or pick up the phone and give us a call at 403-352-7744.