Failing is Not Failure

We live in a world where we count our wins and successes by the trophies and accolades we collect. And while that is a certain reality, it’s not the only marker that we need to consider as we define our success.

I’ll tell you a secret: I didn’t just learn to walk and immediately start landing stunts and tumbling passes. Shocker, right?

The truth is that it took years of hard work. Years of picking myself back up again, of practicing posture and technique, and falling in the process. And the same is true for you and your little ones.

They work hard every day they’re here – and in the in-betweens, too. That hard work rarely comes without lots of falls and flubs in the midst – if it didn’t, it wouldn’t be very hard, would it? It isn’t called easy work and nothing worth having comes easily. What can I say, it’s aptly named… but beyond semantics, it’s just true.

Success doesn’t come easily. And it doesn’t come without the work. It does, however, come with failure – and in many cases, lots of it.

The good news is that, if you put in the work and you keep practicing, taking to heart the feedback and constructive criticism you receive, you will get better. And all of that getting better comes with a big payoff: success.

Just because you don’t get that skill you’re working toward right away does not mean you’re failing. Quitting lets you fail; but as long as you keep at it, those little failures are really just steps that bring you closer to your success.

But within that, remember that success is more than just landing that tumbling pass or mastering that new skill. It’s what you earn every time you get back up and try again. It’s pushing yourself to try new things that aren’t always easy and being a supportive teammate. It’s what happens when you practice and try your best. And that’s really what it’s about: trying your best to become the best version of yourself.

Failing at something you try is not failure: it’s just part of your journey.

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