5 Reasons After Care is Working Parents’ “Ace in the Pocket”

Parenting is rewarding and amazing… but no one in the history of mankind has called it cheap or easy.

Every parent experiences challenges, and while those challenges vary, most parents would agree that work arrangements rank high on the list. It turns out you can’t leave children unattended, so if you plan to continue working, daycare comes into play. Eventually, the magical day comes that your little love goes to school and you no longer need full-time care (hooray!) – but school lets out mid-afternoon, and many working parents’ office hours extend beyond that.

Enter after-care programs. The number of programs is on the rise, thank goodness – and even more importantly, we have a great one here at Premier Academy! Our staff bonds with your little ones and helps them to continue growing mentally, emotionally, and physically after the final bell. After-care does come with an associated cost, but we believe it’s so worth it – here are our top 5 reasons why:

1 – Safety. Without after-care programs, many children are sent home after school to empty homes that lack proper supervision. While your eight year-old may be capable of letting themselves in, we are here, ready to safely guard them until you are off of work. They come straight to our program where they will wait for you; at no point are they without adult supervision.

2 – Productivity. It’s hard enough being a working parent without being concerned about what your child is doing or where they are after school. By taking advantage of a reputable after-care program, you gain the peace of mind that your child is safe and cared for – allowing you to remain on-task and productive.

3 – Your child loves it. No parent has it easy, whether they stay at home or work – but working parents do have the added concern about whether their kids are getting the same exposure and experiences that children of stay-at-home parents receive. With after-care programs, your kids get plenty of social time to build friendships, get out some energy, and simply, be kids – in a structured, safe environment! And they have fun! It’s a win-win.

4 –  Gym access. If your child already loves it here, why not take advantage of additional access to our facility and equipment? Not to mention that we’ll give them school work time and keep them active, which supports healthier kids and athletes (which in turn, statistically turns into better academic performers).

5 – Flexibility. We understand that you can’t perfectly plan every day. And while our after-care programs do come with set hours, we are your partner in making sure your child is cared for between the school bell and when you complete work for the day. If your child has classes with us, they’re already here, which makes it easy in itself. And beyond that, we are here, so when you get stuck in traffic or your meeting runs late, your child is still safe and cared for.

Working and building a career while raising kids is hard enough. After-care programs are here to make your life easier, providing a safe, engaging environment for your child. They didn’t always exist, but they do now – so why not take advantage?

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