Family Drop In Friday

We are now offering a Family Drop in on the last Friday of the month in addition to our weekly Open Gym that currently takes place on Wednesday evenings and previously was only on the occasional Friday evening.

Family Drop-In Friday Caters To The Longing Of The Siblings

Family drop-in Friday has stemmed from the looks on the faces of sisters and brothers of siblings who hang out in the gym watching their big sisters and brothers do amazing things while having fun.

It is a once a month Friday morning where the whole family can come down and enjoy all the best aspects of the gym and equipment. We will have the parachute out and a circuit set up so that anyone who wants to can try it out.

Younger siblings of the Premier Academy Cheer Team family know that the younger siblings are just drooling to get to do what they see the older ones perform when they have those fleeting moments to peek in on them when Mom is picking them up.

The desire to be able to do what the big kids are doing can be very intense with the younger siblings. We have partnered with the Twins and Triplets club to offer an open to the public – Friday morning once a month where for $2 any kid can come try out the gym, and a whole family can get in for just $5. It is free to those who are members of the gym or members of the Twins and Triplets Club.  For more information about the Red Deer Twin and Triplets club, please check us out here!

Great Winter Activity For Kids Who Have Been Kept Inside Too Long

When the days have been gray for a while, the air crispy cold and the little arms and legs are aching for exercise, it’s time to drop in for Family Drop-In Friday.

Kids can go ballistic on the trampoline, they run all over the gym floor and wear themselves out on the circuit set. Family fun Fridays are the best time to allow the brothers and sisters to come along and see what the big kids are doing here all the time.

If you are a Mom who is getting the winter time: “cooped-up too-long blues” –  you can breathe deeply and bring your herd down for a run-around on Family Friday.

A full morning of activity, supervision, energy expenditures and a great time, too. Family Fridays are also open to the public so others can come down to enjoy and discover why we have so much fun at the Premier Cheer Academy. 

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